Obama Flags in Madison Square Park

Goodbye Old Glory, Welcome the New Glory – Obama.

Obama flags in Madison Sq Park, originally uploaded by mimisip.

American Flag Amongst Nations

We are the ObamaNation.

Obama flag, originally uploaded by kara_vanmalssen.

New Glory

The ObamaNation Flag.

Obama Flag, originally uploaded by pinkypimms.

The New Improved American Flag

The Obama Flag

Obama flag, originally uploaded by Robin100.

Obama Flag

Washington DC

Obama Flag, originally uploaded by btrain16.

When a nation changes its National Ensign on the ascendancy of a new leader, is it still the same nation that it once was? No it is not the same nation that once proudly waved Old Glory.

Obamanation Flag

There were at least 100 different types of these Obama Flags waving proudly on the National Mall, Washington DC.

Obama Flag # 1, originally uploaded by celo81.

Obama Flag in Adams-Morgan

This Obama Flag was flying in Washington DC April 2010.

Obama Flag in Adams-Morgan, originally uploaded by James0806.

Obama to the Rescue

Obama to the Rescue

Obama “Saved about a BILLION Jobs” – Tom Hanks: Tom “Hanks said Obama had saved ‘about a billion jobs’ at GM and Chrysler via the passage of the stimulus package.

Obama the Afghan Warrior

Bibi Netanyahu & Barry Soetoro

Bibi and Barry

BiBi Netanyahu and Barry Soetoro in their early twenties Photograph from Lucianne.com

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