Why “al-Obama?”

This site is about the incredible phenomenon of Barack Obama. Here is showcased for posterity the glory of our new President, Barack Obama, 2009 – Ad Infinitum. God bless our nation and the world under His inspired leadership.

Barack Obama is the Alpha and the Omega, the One, the Messiah, forever and ever, perpetually, in perpetuity, to infinity, continuously, without end and having no end, endlessly never-ending, ceaselessly, interminably, relentlessly, unlimitedly without limit, and on and on.

Why “al-Obama?” Even before his inauguration, Barack Obama has proven himself to be the greatest President this nation has ever known. No leader has ever drawn greater multitudes in America’s long history. No leader has ever before connected with His followers and inspired such hope. His adoration and respect far exceeds that shown towards America’s first president, George Washington. George Washington was elected by propertied white men; al-Obama has been elected by the world. George Washington was never disrespected by his countrymen by referring to him with only his last name, “Washington.” He was always addressed as “General” Washington, “Mr.” Washington, the President. Barack Obama, the 44th President, deserves at least the same respect for his accomplishments, which are far greater than those of George Washington. The name “al-Obama” shows that respect for Barack Obama’s unusual name.

In Arabic, “al-Obama” means “The Obama.” Al-Obama, praise be his name.

The Origins of Obama’s Name

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