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Obama Bless America

Christian Hymns Sung in Public School

Here are two Christian hymns being taught to children in a public elementary school, permitted only because the name of the American president was substituted for the name of Jesus.

“Jesus Loves the Little Children, All the little children in the world. Red and Yellow, Black and Which, They are precious in His Sight. Jesus loves the Little Children of the World.”

It is a Christian song taught in Sunday School to children, but forbidden in American public schools. “The Battle Hymn of the Republic” is also a Christian Hymn which would be unacceptable too, except the words of praise to the Lord were changed to be in praise of the President of the United States.

“Obama Loves the Little Children”

Just Praising the Lord

“I’m Asking You to Believe …” ~~Barack Obama

Rock for Barack
On 22 July 2008, these adults met at the “Sing-out for change, rock for Barack” fundraiser at the Oakland Mills Meeting House in Columbia, Maryland. There, these adults converted a religious song written in praise of the Lord Jesus into a “Song of Praise to Barack Obama.” Photos of the event were to be published at

“This Little Light of Mine” is an old-time American Spiritual which has been resurrected from the oblivion of religious intolerance by enthusiastic worshipers of Barack Obama. They have since removed the video of themselves in worship to Obama.

SING-OUT FOR CHANGE t-shirt, originally uploaded by art6617111.